Vacuum-condensation Soldering Plant

In this plant, electronic components such as thyristors are soldered onto printed-circuit boards under a vacuum. This method ensures excellent soldering joints between component and carrier material. The required temperature is generated by steam on the workpiece.
High degree of stability at a high operating frequency
Minimum installation overhead
Compact and space-saving design
Monitoring of relevant loads
Industrial connection logic
Circuit breaker for protection again short circuits
Load currents of 12 and 20 A
3RF2320-1DA "short-circuit-proof" solid-state contactors with a maximum load current of 20 A and a width of 22.5 mm are used for this application.
The devices have no moving parts and therefore a virtually unlimited service life.
These solid-state switching devices consist of a solid-state relay and an optimized heat sink, making them "ready to use".
Load failures are detected by the clip-on basic load monitor function module.
No tools are required for mounting-rail installation.

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