ZEN Omron - Information.

Easier small-scale automatic control. That is what the ZEN from OMRON provides. The ZEN can be used almost as easily as wiring materials. The ZEN enables quick automation of small machines or facilities. Add to this the LCD screen and 8 buttons on the front panel for easy ladder program input. You want a more compact control panel or reduced assembly or wiring? AC inputs, easier circuit design, or multiple-timer control? The OMRON ZEN gives you these, and more, to fill all your automation requirements. Increase system convenience and added value using the automation excellence provided by the ZEN.

ZEn Software


Cable Interface:

Online catalogs (PDF files) and various online manuals (PDF files) for ZEN Programmable Relays can be downloaded from Omron website.

Operation Manual(Z211)PDF(8.2MB)
Support Software Operation
Communications Manual(Z212)PDF(1.5MB)

ZEN Programmable Relays(L106)PDF(1.6MB)
Correction Insert(L109)PDF(113KB)
Switching Mode Power Supply
Support Software Version Upgrade(Ver.4.14)

Support Software Demo(Ver.4.14)

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