Extruder for the Production of Plastic Conduits

In the extruder, the plastic granulate is heated and compressed with an extrusion screw. The liquid plastic is pressed through a mold with different temperature zones at the end of which the conduit is given its final shape. The temperature of the individual heating zones is regulated by constantly switching the heating systems on and off. The heating zones are continually monitored in order to ensure high product quality.
High level of stability at a high operating frequency
Minimum installation overhead
Load current per switching device of no more than 35 A
Connection of up to 10 heating zones per switching device
Monitoring of individual heating zones
Industrial connection logic
3RF2350 solid-state contactors with a maximum load current of 50 A and a width of 67 mm are used for this application.
These ready-to-use solid-state switching devices consist of a solid-state relay and an optimized heat sink.
No tools are required for mounting-rail installation.
The devices have no moving parts, ensuring a virtually unlimited service life.
"Extended" load monitoring ensures monitoring of the individual heating zones.

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