How can you delete unused tags or objects from a WinCC flexible project?

In order to reduce configuration work, parts of a project are often copied and inserted into a new project.
Here, tags and objects are copied, which are no longer used in the newly created project.

WinCC flexible provides a function which can be used to have these unused tags displayed.

In the "Edit" menu you select the command "Find in project...". In the window that opens you select the required search options.

For example, to find unused tags you select the "Filter" item. In the text list you select "Tag" as the object type.
Under the "In" item you specify the folder in which the search for the object type is to be made. This is particularly useful when there are multiple operator panels in the project.

Under "Reference" you select the subitem "Not used by" -> "All types". Then click the "Find now" button.

Now on the right you get a display of all the unused tags.
To delete them you select the tags concerned and right-click. A pop-up menu opens in which you select "Delete" to delete the marked tags.

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Fig. 01

Delete tags

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